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NGFDA Community Outreach - Grassroots Festival - March 28-29, 2015

Once again, NGFDA is invited to participate as a 2015 Official Music Presenter for the 6th Annual Blue Grassroots Music & Arts Festival, scheduled for the weekend of March 28 – 29, 2015 in its new location of Norcross, Georgia, located 25 minutes north of Atlanta!

The beautifully redeveloped authentic turn-of-the-century old town has historic churches and houses, a railroad depot, merchant’s row buildings, vintage signs, historic Skin Alley, parks and fountains.

NGFDA is one of four designated traditional music groups including Atlanta Area Friends of Folk Music, Southeast Bluegrass Association and Chattahoochee Country Dancers. This Community Outreach opportunity helps NGFDA meet the goals written in our Bylaws to “increase the general public’s awareness of and appreciation for the Appalachian and Hammered dulcimers.”

Music and art will overflow the nooks and crannies of historic Norcross, on and off of stages, on sidewalks, in parks and in the street. To make another great impact in introducing our historic mountain and hammered dulcimers to the general public and to other traditional musicians, your participation is needed in these events.

Can we count on your involvement? Please contact a Leadership Team Member to reserve a time slot for the Satellite Showcase or Petting Zoo.

“Satellite Showcase” – On Saturday -NGFDA Satellites are invited to do street performances. You are the best way to share the dulcimer with people who don’t know about it! Your Satellite will be contacted by a Showcase Team Leader to schedule a time slot.

“Dulcimer Petting Zoo” – all levels of players needed as ‘demonstrators’, placing cardboard or inexpensive ‘starter’ dulcimers with fret numbers in the laps of interested passersby who want to try one. We will have a couple of pre-printed tunes with fret numbers and you demonstrate how to match the fret numbers to the numbers on the instrument. The Petting Zoo Team Leader, Brenda Sue Whitmire, will schedule time slots, so you can enjoy other parts of the Festival.

“Jamming” – Bring a chair for our designated dulcimer spot.

“Ambassador” - If you don’t feel up to playing, just holding your dulcimer on the sidelines invites many simple questions from the public that you can easily answer. Many onlookers just want to look at one up close and you can be the LINK!

Confirmed Team Leadership to date includes both NGFDA Board and General Members: Carol Downs of Athens, Georgia (; Brenda Sue Whitmire of Gainesville, Georgia (; Gwen Caeli of Lawrenceville, Georgia (; Kat Vallish of Lake Spivey, Georgia. ( We are waiting for confirmation from two other team members.




Two Websites that Deserve Your Attention

A website for trying to assimulate Irish tunes is . The tunes are played at three speeds, slow medium and fast. They are in the key most often used for the tunes, so you may have to tune the dulcimer appropriately to play along.

A website that has a backend database of thousands of tunes and that will create a simple dulcimer tablature is . If the song is in the key of D, then you may select a DAD tuning and the tab is created instantly for you to save or print. If the song is in another key, then the instructions ask for you to choose the tuning of your dulcimer from a menu of tunings and the tab is created. Below is an example. The song, "Clementine" was in the native key of D. The tablature that is created is simple and basic, but sometimes that is all that one needs to learn a tune. When you print the page that is generated, it includes the lyrics, which I have not included here. Your own embellishments can be added later.

Clementine (DAD)